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This is one of my favorite plants.  Daylilies are beautiful, full of color and smell great….you will never get sick of them.  This plant gets its name because each bloom only last one day.  Get it…Daylily!  But don’t worry the next day there will be a new bloom waiting for you.  What a great relationship, someone that is beautiful, smells good and only last one day.  And when you wake up the next morning a brand new gorgeous one is waiting for you right outside your door, perfect!   

Daylilies are a rainbow of color; each flower has many different shapes, sizes and heights.  The leaves are long and slender, very grass looking and the buds are in clusters all on one stem.  Your free plant is great as a ground cover, perfect for borders along fences and walkways. 

Daylilies are very hardy, easy to grow and drought tolerant.  During the fall start by finding a sunny area to plant your Daylily.  This plant needs full sun; at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.  Plant them 18-24 inches apart giving them plenty of room to grow since Daylilies triple in size each year.  Plant them in soil that drains well and give them about an inch of water every week.  You can fertilize your Daylily…ask your local gardening store what would be best for your type of soil.  Pruning is very simple, just by removing the dried and discolored leaves and the dead flowers will be enough for this plant to keep growing.

Come late spring to early fall is when your Daylilies will start to bloom.  You will not be disappointed by these gorgeous things that will appear…unlike many blind dates I have been on.  This is definitely a plant that you will look forward to seeing every day…unlike many relationships I have been in.

Enjoy your Free Plant!


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